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Barbecue solaire

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Cuisiner au soleil, c'est facile !

The solar cooking exist since 1767 (invented by the French-switzer Horace de Saussure). In recent years associations as bolivia Inti or Solar cooker international develop solar cooking in Africa, South America and in the south of Asia. This knowledge is not very familiar in the world : only 1% of the mondial population use it.

Nevertheless solar cooking is a different technique and approach. It is discover another way of life by oneness with nature , when the sun is here, might as well enjoy it.

 How to cook with the sun ?

Simply with your kitchen utensil, pan, grill, wok, cooking black colour

 How it works ?

You can cook with 3 methods

solar barbecue

solar oven

solar oven with panels

 The solar barbecue

The solar barbecue use the principle of solar ray concentration. Because of the parabolic shape all the solar energy is concentrating on your cooking pot. Nether smoke sign nor CO2, you use a free and ecological energy.

 Further Via Natura campsites are equipped : Cool ! It smell good, we open the lid and we look and taste. And it's a good way to take time to speak and share.

 We don't forget to thanks Dominique Loquais who realised the drawing of the solar oven. The picture of this oven have been realised by camping la Cascade.

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